Dinesh Tarte

  Dinesh is software Engineer by profession and a trader in equity and commodity markets. He does research with various technical analysis and loves to develop strategies in amibroker. Remarkably he is a student of Marketcalls and does freelancing for creating custom indicators in Amibroker


3 Stories by Dinesh Tarte

Full Gap Open Range Strategy – Amibroker AFL Code

Here is a simple Full Gap Open Range Strategy for intraday traders to trade the big gap ups and gap downs using open range...
18 54 sec read

Intraday Gap Up and Gap Down – Amibroker Strategy

Strategy is very simple. when the market open with gap up and at the same time ,it crossed the previous day high then it...
16 2 min read

Backtestable Open Range Breakout ( ORB ) Study for Amibroker

The main challenge with the classic ORB Study for Amibroker is that it generates too many signals on the intraday charts and backtesting is...
29 5 min read