Globaladatafeed Realtime Charts for NSE FNO, NSE FX and MCX Markets

Global Datafeeds – the most preferred realtime data vendor for Indian Stock Markets, offers Realtime Tick by Tick data (NSE Futures and Option, MCX Commodities and NSE Currencies) for the most popular trading analysis softwares like Amibroker, Metastock, Ninjatrader.etc.

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Nimbledatapro is a realime datafeed software from Global Datafeeds. It provides Realtime and End-Of-Day datafeed for Cash Segment, F&O Segment (Futures & Options) for Amibroker software directly from National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)


- Data directly from NSE and MCX Servers.
- Low latency realtime data with ultrafast delivery. True tick-by-tick data with time-stamp of 1 sec. It means our data is 5 times faster than most data vendors whose data updates every 5 second
- Zero delay realtime data
- View 200 symbol viewing at a time. It means that you can open, view (or Scan / Explore) realtime charts of 200 symbols simultaneously. The limit doubles to 400 when you subscribe for both segments (CM & FNO). This is 400 times more data than 1 symbol at a time (limitation of many data vendors).
- Intraday history of 1month (1min format) and EOD History of 2 years (from 01.01.2010) is available for all symbols.
- You can search and add scrips directly from our servers in AmiBroker.
- Data is highly accurate – all scrips report exact values for all these fields. Candles once formed do not change after relogin / next day. If you are trading based on strategies, we know how important is this feature for you. In fact, the data is useless if it shows different values during realtime and on next day (after backfill).
-Data is downloaded simultaneously for all the symbols so you can Scan or Explore in AmiBroker in realtime. By multiplying your abilities to track more than 1 symbol simultaneously (many data vendors fail to deliver this), you also multiply your chances to find many more trading opportunities during live market.

NimbusDataPro – Supports only Amibroker

NimbleDataProPlus – Supports all major trading softwares
In Nimble Data Pro data comes directly into Amibroker. In Nimble Data Pro Plus data comes directly into multiple charting applications like AmiBroker, MetaStock Professional, Advanced GET, Ensign & NinjaTrader.

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