Supertrend V3.0 AFL code with Buy and Sell Alerts

Nifty Supertrend V3.0

Supertrend V3.0 is the upgraded version of Supertrend Indicator. The trading logic remains the same however lot of bugs got removed and few features added in the current version. Multiple Consecutive Sound and Popup alert issue got resolved. Now you will be getting only one sound and popup alert whenever there is a buy or sell signal occurrence.

N Bar High-Low Dots – Amibroker AFL code

High Low Dots

Here is a simple strategy that alerts by plotting dots over the candle whenever a new N bar high-low is made. The below chart shows Nifty future EOD charts and the Yellow dots in this example represents new 20 day high’s are made and the orange dots represents new 20 day lows are made. It provides a better visualization in your charts to identify the new high-low and the ongoing sentiment in the market.

William VIX FIX Indicator – Amibroker AFL Code

William VIX FIX Indicator

We know that VIX most of the time reflects the investor/traders sentiment. When VIX is higher it means lot of fear in the market and lower VIX indicates lack of fear in the market. The problem is the sentiment can be measured only Indices like Nifty as the Volatility Index VIX is derived from implied volatility of Options. In such a case VIX FIX comes handy to replicate the VIX behaviour in other instruments like Commodities, Forex, Stocks.

Amibroker – Auto Trading Control for NEST/NOW Terminal

Nifty Auto Trade

This is the updation of Manual Trade Control for NEST/NOW. This afl have new features like it will have all the trades in its memory. This AFL is not a strategy for trading. It can be used only for integrating the Amibroker to pass orders to NEST/NOW Trading Terminal through NEST PLUS API.

How to Create Your First Amibroker DLL Plugin?

ami logo

This is a very simplistic tutorial which explains how to create your own Amibroker DLL Plugin using Dot Net for Amibroker. .Net for Amibroker is a 3rd Party SDK to Amibroker which you can use to create plugins to hide your secret afl codes, creating optimizers, data source plugins and it supports all programmable features of AmiBroker.

PushBullet : Now Send Push Notifications From Amibroker

push bullet logo

Prior to getting into the technical configuration it is good to know little about PushBullet Service. Pushbullet connects your devices, making it easy and automatic to share almost anything between the devices and between friends devices. Here is the little intro video about what PushBullet is capable of. Pushbullet current supports Push notifications for Android, Apple IOS and Blackberry devices, Windows Desktop Notification and Browser based notifications(Chrome, Firefox and Opera are the supported browsers)

How to Post/Share your Code in Marketcalls Community?

Github Gist

When you are participating in Marketcalls Community if you concerns in building your trading system codes sometimes you have to post lengthier codes (AFL, mql4, easylanguage codes). While posting in our community it looses its readability so to sort out the issue introduced github gist integration with marketcalls. Just by following few steps now you will be able to share code with other community members without loosing readability.

How to Convert your Repainting Code to Non-Repainting?


The problem in automating your strategies or while watching your trading system most of the time you find buy or sell signal occurs in the current bar and before the candle completes the signal get erased. This happens when the signal oscillates back and forth the threshold levels which decides the occurence of buy or sell signal. we can name it as current bar repainting.

Last Five Trades Result Dashboard – AFL code

Nifty Futures Dashboard

Here is simple visualization to look into the past five trades result and plot the values over the chart which gives a quick view on how the strategy performed in the last five trades. In this AFL example we had created the dashboard for simple MACD crossover. And the dashboard doesnt include current open positions and only include last five closed positions.