Heikin-Ashi Supertrend – Amibroker AFL code

HAS Nifty

Heikin Ashi Supertrend is a Volatility based trend following indicator which uses Heinkin Ashi + Supertrend method to plot the indicator. Heikin means “average” and “ashi” means “pace”. Heikin-Ashi represents the average-pace of prices

Internal Bar Strength – Mean Reversion Trading AFL code

Backtest results

Here is a simple mean reversion system adapted from IBS reversion edge with QuantShare. And our IBS mean reversion strategy is a slight variation of the Internal Bar Strength by taking a three day moving average to IBS (maIBS) and looking for IBS crossovers to derive the trading conditions.

Integrating Amibroker with Python COM Server

Python Com File Execution

In this tutorial we will discuss how to Integrate Amibroker with Python COM server to create complex trading systems.Python is a open source language similar to C,C++ and it has tons of open source their party modules for financial computings and implementing statistical models.

Modified Triple Momentum Strategy – Amibroker AFL code

Nifty Spot Hourly

Triple Momentum Strategy is from Gerald Appel, introduced in his 2005 book, “Technical Analysis: Power Tools for Active Investors.” It’s included on pages 58-63 of his book. That section is headed, “The Triple Momentum Nasdaq Index Trading Model.” Gerald Appel, is also probably best known for his creation – Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).

Profit Table AFL code with Yearly Max Drawdown

Intratrend V4.0

Here is a simple Amibroker AFL trick which will replace your default profit table in your Amibroker Backtest report with Colourful profit table along with CAR%, yearly Max Drawdown (maxDD%) as well as overall maxDD% as shown below. And its better version of profit table as it provide more meaningful insights.

Backtest your Pair Trading Strategies – Amibroker AFL code

Banknifty - Nifty Ratio Charts

Today, pairs trading is often conducted using algorithmic trading strategies(Rule based) on an Execution Management System. These strategies are typically built around mathematical models that define the spread based on historical data mining and analysis. The algorithm monitors for deviations in price, automatically buying and selling to capitalize on market inefficiencies. The advantage in terms of reaction time allows traders to take advantage of tighter spreads.

Amibroker Technical Analysis Workshop – Coimbatore

Day 2 Agenda

We are proud to host in-depth two day Amibroker workshop in Coimbatore on Technical Analysis . It is not the usual seminar to market one’s own product and strategies. It is all about taking that extra step to discover, know and share the trading ideas, challenges and Trading Discipline.

Long Butterfly Spread – Amibroker AFL code

Butterfly Spread

The Long butterfly spread is a neutral strategy that is a combination of a bull spread and a bear spread. It is a limited profit, limited risk options strategy. There are 3 striking prices involved in a butterfly spread and it can be constructed using calls or puts.