How to Build Put Call Ratio Chart in Amibroker?


This tutorial explores how to build Put Call Ratio (Open Interest) chart in Amibroker for the any given Option Instrument. Since creating a PCR chart involves multiple Option Strike price and it is a composite indicator it can be achieved in Amibroker using Addcomposite function.

Intraday Gap Up and Gap Down – Amibroker Strategy

stoploss setting

Strategy is very simple. when the market open with gap up and at the same time ,it crossed the previous day high then it should be considered as strong buy. When the market open with gap down and while opening if it crosses yesterday low then it should be considered as strong short.

ATR Volatility Long Only Trading System

ATR Volatility  Underwater Equity

Yet another ATR Volatility based Long only Trading System. ATR Volatility system a mechanical strategy for higher time-frames Written by Tudor Marcelin – Art Invest. Just modified the actual trading system to support trailing stoploss based rather than channel based trading system and added back testing functionality.

PIN Bar detector – Amibroker AFL code

Pin Bar Detector

Pin Bar Detector – (Amibroker Indicator) is pin bar pattern detection system inspired for Earnforex – Pin Bar Detecor mql4 code. Pin Bar is a bar with a long upper or lower “tail”, “wick” or “shadow” and a much smaller “body” or “real body”, you can find pin bars on any plain candlestick chart. The Pinbar (also known as “Pin-bar” or “Pin bar”) pattern was first introduced by Martin Pring in his Pring on Price Patterns.

ZLEMA ATR Long Only Trading System – AFL code

Backtest Results

ZLEMA ATR Long only Trailing stop loss trading is a mechanical strategy for higher timeframes. The trailing stop loss is quite adaptive and adjustible in the down trends to revise it stoploss downwards on its own and the buy or sell decision is taken only at the end of the candle.

Bollinger Band Based Trailing Stop Loss – Amibroker

DLF Futures

BBand TSL or or Bollinger Band based Trailing stop loss trading is once again a mechnaical trend trading system for lower timeframes inspired from mql4 (metatrader). The trailing stoploss method is completly built using bollinger bands and completely fits for stop and reverse strategy.

How to Send a Tweet Alert From Amibroker

Tweet Alert

Almost every Amibroker users know that it supports custom rule based alerts like Email Alert, Sound Alert, Even a push notification alert from Amibroker is possible. But how to send a tweet alert to your twitter followers about Buy/Sell Signal happenings in you trading system or Important Events like high volume alert notifications.

How to Plot the Equity Curve without Backtesting?

Nifty Futures Equity Curve

In Amibroker the general way of computing the Equity curve is to backtest the given trading system and the report computes the equity curve, drawdown…etc results for you. And to compute the equity curve you have to push the backtest button every time which makes you little uncomfortable if you want to measure the Equity curve in realtime.

Double Donchian Trading System – Amibroker AFL code

Double Donchain Trading System

Double Donchian Trading system is a Breakout trading system inspired from Richard J.Dennis. Donchian channels were developed by Richard Donchian, a pioneer of mechanical trend following systems. Double Donchian trading system a turtle trading strategy.Curtis Faith in his book Way Of The Turtle describes a variation of the Donchian system used by the legendary Turtle Traders.

Positive Bars Percentage – Intraday Sentiment Indicator

Positive Bars Percentage

Here the Goal is to use Amibroker AFL to find the Percentage Number of bars which have closed higher then the previous bar out of total number of bars for a day in a selected time frame on Intraday basis. Positive Bars Percentage is generally a breath indicator used to gauge the Intraday Sentiment of a Particular stock/Index.Value above 80 indicates extreme positive sentiment and a value below 20 indicates extreme negative sentiment.