Last Five Trades Result Dashboard – AFL code

Nifty Futures Dashboard

Here is simple visualization to look into the past five trades result and plot the values over the chart which gives a quick view on how the strategy performed in the last five trades. In this AFL example we had created the dashboard for simple MACD crossover. And the dashboard doesnt include current open positions and only include last five closed positions.

Supertrend High-Low Breakout Strategy – Amibroker AFL code

Supertrend High Low Breakout

how to create a strategy where when the supertrend turns to buy mode and the reference high is marked at the time of supertrend turning to buy mode. But still the actual buy will come only if the high is taken out on the upper side. Similarly when the supertrend turns to sell mode and the reference low is marked at the time of supertrend turning to sell mode. But still the actual buy will come only if the low is taken out on the lower side.

Now Amiquote 3.10 supports Quandl as Datafeed

Quandl logo

Amiquote V3.1 is a companion program to AmiBroker stock charting/analysis software. Amiquote simplifies with automation of downloading financial data from the various datafeed sources like google finance(EOD & Intraday), yahoo(EOD and Intraday) finance, MSN. And very recently Amibroker had came up with a upgraded version which auto downloads EOD dataset from Quandl.

How to Setup and Run Amibroker in Amazon AWS Cloud


Here is a Video tutorial which explains how to Create a Virtual Instance in Amazon AWS cloud , How to Launch a Virtual Instance and How to Run Amibroker in Amazon Cloud (Windows Virtual Instance). Amazon provide a 750 hours of free AWS EC2 micro Instance(Windows,Linux) for the first time users.

Quandl data plugin for Amibroker


Quandl offers free and unlimited access to 9 million time-series datasets from 400 sources spanning finance, economics, society, health, energy, demography & more. And now it is possible to Visualize those 9 million dataset in your amibroker software

How to Plot Bid Vs Ask Dashboard in Amibroker

Crude Oil Bid Ask Dashboard

Here is a little Bid Vs Ask Dashboard for Amibroker users which helps to monitor the Bid-Ask Spread during live trading. In a highly liquid market the Bid Ask spread difference will be very thin whereas in a illiquid script the Bid-Ask spread get wider due to less number of buyers and sellers.

Simple Smoothed RSI Crossover Strategy

Backtested Results

Here is the simple smoothed RSI crossover strategy can be practiced on higher timeframes especially with daily timeframes with controlled risk. It catches the big trends and gets little losses during sideways movement with a desecent amount of winning ratio. Strategy suits for Nifty and Bank Nifty future traders willing to take positional trades based on EOD chart.

How to Build Put Call Ratio Chart in Amibroker?


This tutorial explores how to build Put Call Ratio (Open Interest) chart in Amibroker for the any given Option Instrument. Since creating a PCR chart involves multiple Option Strike price and it is a composite indicator it can be achieved in Amibroker using Addcomposite function.

Intraday Gap Up and Gap Down – Amibroker Strategy

stoploss setting

Strategy is very simple. when the market open with gap up and at the same time ,it crossed the previous day high then it should be considered as strong buy. When the market open with gap down and while opening if it crosses yesterday low then it should be considered as strong short.

ATR Volatility Long Only Trading System

ATR Volatility  Underwater Equity

Yet another ATR Volatility based Long only Trading System. ATR Volatility system a mechanical strategy for higher time-frames Written by Tudor Marcelin – Art Invest. Just modified the actual trading system to support trailing stoploss based rather than channel based trading system and added back testing functionality.