How to Plot the Equity Curve without Backtesting?

Nifty Futures Equity Curve

In Amibroker the general way of computing the Equity curve is to backtest the given trading system and the report computes the equity curve, drawdown…etc results for you. And to compute the equity curve you have to push the backtest button every time which makes you little uncomfortable if you want to measure the Equity curve in realtime.

Double Donchian Trading System – Amibroker AFL code

Double Donchain Trading System

Double Donchian Trading system is a Breakout trading system inspired from Richard J.Dennis. Donchian channels were developed by Richard Donchian, a pioneer of mechanical trend following systems. Double Donchian trading system a turtle trading strategy.Curtis Faith in his book Way Of The Turtle describes a variation of the Donchian system used by the legendary Turtle Traders.

Positive Bars Percentage – Intraday Sentiment Indicator

Positive Bars Percentage

Here the Goal is to use Amibroker AFL to find the Percentage Number of bars which have closed higher then the previous bar out of total number of bars for a day in a selected time frame on Intraday basis. Positive Bars Percentage is generally a breath indicator used to gauge the Intraday Sentiment of a Particular stock/Index.Value above 80 indicates extreme positive sentiment and a value below 20 indicates extreme negative sentiment.

Didi Index Long only Trading System

Didi Index Nifty Spot

Didi Index is a positional long only trading system constructed based on three exponential moving averages inspired from mql4 code Didi Index Indicator. Indicator developed by Brazilian and analyst Odir Aguiar (Didi), consists of “Moving Averages”, known for the famous needles Didi, which allows the visualization of reversal points.

Code Snippets – Plot Buy and Sell Arrows in Amibroker

Block Arrows

Amibroker AFL script based trading system generally consist of four trading conditions Buy(go long), Sell(Exit Long), Short(go short) and Cover(Exit Short). In todays tutorial we are going to concentrate only how to plot a Buy Signal(Generally we Up arrow is preferred) and Sell Signal(Generally Down Arrow is preferred) using Amibroker.

Heikin-Ashi Supertrend – Amibroker AFL code

HAS Nifty

Heikin Ashi Supertrend is a Volatility based trend following indicator which uses Heinkin Ashi + Supertrend method to plot the indicator. Heikin means “average” and “ashi” means “pace”. Heikin-Ashi represents the average-pace of prices

Internal Bar Strength – Mean Reversion Trading AFL code

Backtest results

Here is a simple mean reversion system adapted from IBS reversion edge with QuantShare. And our IBS mean reversion strategy is a slight variation of the Internal Bar Strength by taking a three day moving average to IBS (maIBS) and looking for IBS crossovers to derive the trading conditions.

Integrating Amibroker with Python COM Server

Python Com File Execution

In this tutorial we will discuss how to Integrate Amibroker with Python COM server to create complex trading systems.Python is a open source language similar to C,C++ and it has tons of open source their party modules for financial computings and implementing statistical models.

Modified Triple Momentum Strategy – Amibroker AFL code

Nifty Spot Hourly

Triple Momentum Strategy is from Gerald Appel, introduced in his 2005 book, “Technical Analysis: Power Tools for Active Investors.” It’s included on pages 58-63 of his book. That section is headed, “The Triple Momentum Nasdaq Index Trading Model.” Gerald Appel, is also probably best known for his creation – Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).