Stoploss, Multi Target, and Trailing Stoploss Module – Amibroker…

After Intraday V2.0 Amibroker Module - a readymade drag and drop module to convert any trading strategy into the intraday trading system with alerts,...
Rajandran R
6 min read

Line Trading – Algomojo Automation Module for Amibroker Users

The line Trading Automation tool is designed for Manual traders who want to perform level-based trade execution faster and also bring some advanced trade...
Rajandran R
58 sec read

Plotting Day Wise Equity Curve using Amibroker

We know that Amibroker provides an equity curve for the whole strategy. Is there a way where we can build a simple Day Wise...
Rajandran R
1 min read

3 Replies to “Learn How to Login into Algomojo Account using Amibroker”

  1. Thank you for the help on auto login.
    Can you please suggest how to do auto login for multiple accounts in angel broking?

  2. I have done it using node js and chromedriver with help of my friend, thank you for your guidance.

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