SDA2 Trend trading signals for Nifty 50 EOD stocks

SDA2 Trend trading signals for Nifty 50 EOD stocks with buy or sell signals generated using the custom indicator SDA2(SDA+ATR2) trend trading system. Green Arrow indicates buy signal and the red arrow indicates sell signal.

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  1. Parimal Devnath says

    suddenly i am unable to see Nifty in my GCI MT4
    can anyone give a clue thanks in advance

  2. Babu says

    they will provide free demo for one month only after that it will disappear like that… registering with new email (every month new) you can restore nifty new for next one month….

    one year back i have done like this for 8 months….now i have my own amibroker

  3. Harshal says

    Which fx broker provides nifty future charts right now? becoz GCI, xtb, forexcontrol is now closed. plz reply

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