Gold Monetization Scheme – Will it Lead to Further Fall in Gold prices?

Recently, Indian govt announced a particular scheme in their budget notes which took a lot of attention, especially gold merchants and speculators. With gold prices tumbling since last couple of years, the new scheme-if it works, would not only increase the supply of precious metal at domestic level, in-turn cuts our international gold imports which further depresses the price at global scale.

Stocks to Watch out on Union Budget 2015

In My last article, I mentioned about trading budget and market related to budget. In this one I will shed light on the stocks in my radar screen which I feel would provide some trade opportunities post budget.

Banknifty Futures Observation – February Expiry Outlook

Banknifty future from chart above looks like making a head and shoulder formation which is in its last leg of forming the right shoulder (which it should, to become a valid pattern).  As per the chart above 19450 is tough line of resistance for bulls only once this level is sustained close basis the next up leg shall begin, till that the bank nifty is sell on rally and around 19000 there is a strong support from where it becomes a buy towards this resistance again.

The Reason Why Trading Chart Patterns are Useless

Yeah, if you believe that I am good at writing controversial articles, I can’t say no. But while doing so, I try to expose real face of the markets and some of the most used conventional wisdom which is nothing but just a useless trap. Today let me stir a bit on Chart patterns and why the so-called “Patterns” are useless to make money. Before doing so I would like to warn the average reader that chart patterns are useful only if you’re making money out of it or else throw them away.

Event Spike an Introduction : Price Action Strategy

A large parabolic movement which follows an event such as earnings announcement, Economic reports etc.called ” Event spike “. This move is all about feeding frenzy or herd behavior of market participants are influenced by price moment itself! Some people even refer to this as price reflexive.

Trading the Volatile Markets with this simple technical strategy.

If you are a regular reader of my articles, then you know “I hate technical indicators”. They are a derivative of price action, nothing more than a mathematical complex paralysis. My clients frequently question me-“Hey do you use any indicator”? Most probably my reply will be no-because majority of you guys know, I am a pure Price action trader!


Dow Theory is one of the most important trend following theories ever. As market evolved, the concepts of Technical analysis became more elaborated and complex, most essential foundation was forgotten in the Market literature.Even with much complexity nothing beats the Dow Theory on odds and logic. It’s around for over 100 years and still important as it is, even today

Now Access NSE FNO Futures and Option Charts

Anyone who loves to track NSE FNO Futures and Option Charts on the move is quite easier now as we provide our readers access to all the NSE FNO Futures and Option Charts (includes stock options too) with a base interval of 5min. Currently Charts supports Multiple timeframes (5m, 10m, 15m, 30m,60m,120m,240m, Daily,Weekly) which generally favors DIY FNO traders.

Nifty Future Weekly Observation – Wealth Creator

If Nifty Future remains below 8295 Future level the bears are in control and market is weak for more correction. The supports at 8180 and 8060 the upside potential will open up once nifty future sustains above 8295 this will make bears exit the shorts and above 8370 we expect a big rally again to begin.

Picking Tops and Bottoms using Price Action

One of my favorite trader,Paul Tudor Jones once said “I believe the best Money is at the market turns, Everyone says you get killed trying to pick tops and bottoms – Well for 12 years ,I have missed the meat (Trend)in the middle but, I have made lot of money at tops and bottoms”.

Three Price action Rules for Profitable Trading

Price action is a study of technical analysis that can bring quite a bit of benefit to the trader. By focusing on price and price alone, investigating previous movements and how markets have reacted – traders can look to get the cleanest technical picture of a given market that might be available.