Was really interested in checking out which trading software has been favored by most of the traders in the world and the below metric shows which trading software is most popular based on the google search volume across the globe.

Schwager Volatility Ratio Amibroker AFL code and Analysis

The Term Volatility ratio is coined by Jack D. Schwager to identify trading range and potential trend reversal. The values of the volatility ratio range from 0.01-1.00 and typically traders predicts the reversal points

Supertrend Indicator for Metastock

Supertrend indicator had been a recent popular indicator among day traders and now download supertrend indicator for metastock. The indicator has been tested working under metastock 12 pro version.

Globaldatafeed announces the launches much awaited product ‘Realtime Data Services for MCX’ today for Trading Softwares like AmiBroker, MetaStock, Advanced Get, NinjaTrader, Ensign & ELWave. Global Datafeeds is now the legal Realtime Datafeed Provider for Both NSE FNO and MCX Futures Segment.

Stock M Solution is providing free Realtime Datafeed for Amibroker and Metatrader software as 1 Month free Trial on NSE Cash Scripts.

Hakija, is an opensource(free with source code available) NSE End of Day Data Downloader written in Python. No other installations like .NET framework, Java anything else is required.

Download NSE EOD Database - Metastock format since 2003 to 3rd Nov 2010. Import into Amibroker or in your Metastock Software

Getbhavcopy is a FREE data downloader for NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). It downloads daily EOD (End Of Day) data as well as historical data (past EOD data) for equities and indices. The data is directly downloaded from NSE and BSE servers and is 100% authentic. The downloaded data can be [...]

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