ICTrader Realtime v3.2 – NSE Realtime Technical Analysis Software

Ictrader is a tiny realtime charting tool which provides realtime and EOD Charts for NSE Exchange. It provides RT data for both equities and dertivatives (both futures and options).

About ICtrader Realtime v3.2

– ICTrader is a NSE realtime trading, technical analysis and charting software for NSE India.

– Included tools, technical indicators, line studies to make analysis of your stocks in realtime/intraday.

– Trading strategies included to generate buy/sell signals automatically in realtime.

– Data already integrated for NSE India (Stocks and Index Futures) within the software, so NO external/additional data feed required.

– Most active NSE Stocks, Index Futures, active Stock Futures, 18 Nifty Index Options Strike Prices and SENSEX with last 30 days historical intraday data.

Realtime Technical Charting Software Features

  • Clear Charts with 3 Chart Types (Line, OHLC Bar, Candlestick)
  • Multiple Charts. Open any no. of charts up to your system supports.
  • More than 35 technical indicators available.More indicators will added in future. See the trial for available indicators.
  • Line Studies, like
    • Fibonacci Arcs
    • Fibonacci Fans
    • Fibonacci Retracements
    • Fibonacci Timezones
    • GannFan
    • Ellipse
    • Raff Regression
    • Speedlines
    • Trendline
    • Error Channel
    • Tirone Levels
    • Quadrant Lines
  • Advanced Trading Studies, our proprietary studies to produce entry/exit/stop loss levels. Our proprietary studies are created with valuable indicators.
  • Pairs Reversal Trading Strategy with Long/Short/Exit Signals.
  • Trend-I Strategy for Short Swing Traders.
  • Trend Follow for Historical/Positional Trading Signals. Use with EOD Chart.
  • Currently Supports NSE India Real Time Stocks, Index Futures (NIFTY, MINIFTY, BANK NIFTY), S&P CNX Nifty Stock Futures, Nifty Options and SENSEX.
  • EOD Charts for NSE Stocks.
  • Will soon supports Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and Metastock Realtime & EOD Data Feeds.
  • Available most active stocks, Index Futures and S&P CNX Nifty Future Stocks , Index Options and SENSEX with last 30 days historical intraday data. Please check the service for list of available symbols.


Trail Login

Username: icdemo
Password: icdemo
Trial Period : 2 days

Download IcTrader Realtime

ICTrader NSE Realtime Charting and Technical Analysis and Automatic Buy Sell Signals Software User Guide and Video Demo

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  1. aftab alam ansari says

    dear Sir,
    please rply me abt the chart and its prices, and how to use these chart, do we arrange the average by using this charts ….
    thankimg you..

  2. Arun Bansal says

    i am interested in pairs analysis of F&O segment, does your software support it? please provide trial if you have those features.

  3. kishor says

    does the ictrader works on android smart phone.i trade in nifty future only.

    if yes what is the cost


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