Realtime Intraday Charts for 1398 – NSE Stocks

Just providing the easier access to realtime intraday charts for 1398 stocks in NSE. All the charts are 5 min intraday charts. Now using intelligent plugin’s in wordpress – seaching for any kind of intraday charts are possible at a rapid speed.

Here is the chart table. Use the search text box to search and find out your favorite stock. The table basically contains 10 scripts in the frontend but the remaining stocks are hidden in the background to save the page loading time. The rest of the stocks can be find out using the search option and also the size of the table can be varied for maximum of 100 scripts at any point of time. The same table is also appended to our charting column


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  1. Dharmesh says

    Hi raj,

    I just wanted for thank you for all your valuable post. I regularly follow it eventhough i am not trading.This online real time chart amazing.

  2. RAJ says

    I was looking f live stocks intraday charts and ur website is just perfect…i will trade on monday (12/7/10)…by using this charts…will let u know how useful it was.thx

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