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  • Ideal trade for Nifty – 24 Dec 2009 Long Nifty only if 5135 holds on opening. Short Nifty only  if it opens below 5135. Daily 5 EMA(High) Supports near 5074Charts used : 15min ChartsSource:
  • Penny Stocks – Profit Or Loss? What is a penny stock? The term penny stock refers to any stock that is traded outside one of the major exchanges. The definition of a penny stock is a low priced speculative security. […]
  • FAQ’s For Sabero Organics Why should I buy when the volumes traded are so low? Sanju"S Reply: "It has formed a base over 1 years, bottom over. Yes volumes are low ,but if u want to buy when volumes r high […]
  • Overview – Crowd Funding in India As compared to the foreign markets including the US, the UK and China, crowd-funding is in a budding stage in India. But due to the excessive usage of social media platforms, this […]

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