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  • Baltic Dry Index nears 200 day Moving Average Baltic Dry Index cracked as usual lost 3% more yesterday. But markets are looking fine uncorrelated with the markets. Baltic Dry Index lost more than 50% from its high. But still there is […]
  • Decide When to Sell your Stocks Here is an extract from Orkut Forum, India Stock Market (BSE NSE) which i feel worthy to share with my readers at this point of time. Here it goes....Consider a situation where you have […]
  • Nifty and BankNifty 90 min charts update for 24th Mar 2011 Nifty turns to buy mode yesterday with cloud support coming near to 5388-5400 zone. Bank Nifty too turns to buy mode finally with supports coming around 10750-10800 zone
  • Dollar at 14 year low against Yen USD Yen Charts(3 Years) Source :Metatrader   Forex trading Pair USDYEN had today made a intraday low of 86.30 which marks the 14 year low of dollar against yen   Few Reasons why yen is […]

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