Nifty and Bank Nifty Positional Trend Review and Open Interest Lookup

Nifty 90 min charts

NIFTY - Primary Analysis - Dec-30 1904 PM (90 min)

Nifty and Bank Nifty 90 min charts turned to positional buy mode since 26 Dec 2012, Currently the support zone is coming near 5880 and 12398 respectively. Be in the long side until the support holds. Reverse your positional shorts if the support zone breaks.

Bank Nifty 90 min charts
BANKNIFTY - Primary Analysis - Dec-30 1904 PM (90 min)

Nifty Open Interest Lookup for January

As of Now 5800CE and 6000PE are having higher open interest among the series. However more observation is required to judge the breakout scenario. And Nifty is likely to give a breakout from the 5800 – 6000 band in the month of January as Q4,2012 eitherway as the season begins. It is always better to remember the word “trend is your friend”. You would be mostly saved from taking a bad decision most of the time when you are inline with the trend

Nifty OI Interest

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