Nifty 500Tick Charts for Positional Trading for March Contract

Nifty 500 Tick Charts

Introducing a new style of trading with Tick Data based Charts for positional trading. I generally prefer 500tick Charts for executing positional strategies. Here we are using the Supertrend Strategy for positional trading. Currently 500tick charts with supertrend indicator is in buy mode with a trailing stoploss at 5654 which provides low risk trading opportunity

Nifty future March Contract CMP : 5668
Trailing Stop loss as per Supertrend : 5654
Strategy to Execute : Go long in Nifty and Reverse your position to Shorts if the Trailing stoploss hits on the 500tick charts.

After Market Update March 25th 2013
Nifty 500 Tick Charts Update

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  1. ramamurthy says

    Wonderful Mr Rajendran. I don’t have words to appreciate your remarkable
    service to traders. Pl keep it up and may God bless you with all the bliss.

  2. ramchandra reddy says

    Mr Rajendran, Good analysis.
    Have you observed any major changes between Tick and volume charts in your Trading? is it better to prefer Volume over tick charts ?
    I am using TEMA Indicator ? I am looking for any other leading indicator to identify the trend ?
    which one is better to use in combination with TEMA?

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