Simple 5 EMA Trading Systems for sure shot trading


Rules for 5 EMA Trading Systems:

Here is a simple price action Vs EMA strategy to predict the next day's trend of the Index or Stock. Though it is an easy strategy it will provide you absolutely amazing profits.
I like to call it a Sure Shot Strategy

Above Nifty Chart Shows Buy/Sell Signals Buy means Buy or Exit Shorts .
Sell Means Short or Exit Longs

Enter Long – Exit Short Strategy

If Price Closes above 5 EMA then Enter long or Exit Short

Enter Short – Exit Short Strategy

If price Closes below 5 EMA then Enter Short or Exit Longs

For Intraday :

Use 5 min-EMA or 15 Min Charts …. Use Above rules for
your entry and exit

Note : Buy/Sell Decision Should be taken only on closing of the candle

No Need of Listen to the so called Experts views to choose your short term stocks

For More Updates and Improved Strategies about 5 EMA trading system
stay tuned to our Orkut Community

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  1. Azmol says

    Hellopls pls let me know,How can i get Simple 5 EMA Trading Systems chart for sure shot trading.waiting for ur reply.i want to use it for Dhaka stock Exchange Trading !!!!!THANKS

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