Bangalore Seminar : Trading Futures with Metatrader 4

Tradejini & Alphametrix Jointly organising one day free seminar in Bangalore and the purpose of the program is to introduce the various concept of mechanical trading strategies using Metatrader 4 platform.

In this seminar we will discuss on the following topics :

1)Understanding the various features of Metatrader 4 platform
2)How to use Metatrader 4 Platform Effectively
3)What Strategy to trade and What not to trade
4)Trading with Trend Trading Methodology.
5)Overview on understanding the risk involved in trading system.

Speaker : Rajandran R (Founder of
Venue : Malleswaram Club Wodyear Hall , Bangalore
Date & Time : Dec 7 between 3.30 to 7.30 PM
Fee : Free

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After the main presentation, participants who want more details about specific features will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about tools to help them with their trading strategies.

If you have ever wanted to experience the excitement of trading Indian Future Markets, this free seminar will give you the tools and training to get started.

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  1. ravi chandran says

    Sir, I am residing at Chennai. I want to attend the training. In Tamil Nadu TradeJini has two office. I want to open a account. Is it to possible to connect tradejini with gci mt4 .

    • says


      Tradjini is a Stock and Commodity Broker in India offers Nest Trading Terminal for Trading and GCI is yet another forex broker offers MT4 platform for Trading. You cant connect both.

  2. sumit says

    please put a recording of seminar on you tube

    also hold a webinar on the topic so that traders outside bangalore may also benefit

  3. Nitin says

    Hi Raj,
    Webinar option will be good, pls take that positively for future…thanks a lot again..

    Thanks & Regards
    Nitin from Mumbai

  4. govind says

    hello sir pls write an articles how to find the trend and how to use the meta 4 and how to avoid the false breakout? thank you

  5. J.Chandru says

    Dear Mr.Rajandran,
    I messaged you in Facebook but there was no reply.
    Any openings in your organisation…
    Thank you,

      • J.chandru says

        I want to attend some training with you… it possible for you to accommodate….I am following you for so many years…. I even received your marriage invitation( group posting) and it took place in Sattur if I am correct..please I want to learn ….help me

  6. bhaveshsoni says

    sir ,
    is it any indian broaker use to mt4 trading platform if yes so pls give me information

    and is it possible to in future mt4 platform .start to indian markets

    • says

      Currently Indian Brokers are not using MT4 platform for Trading as Exchange has to approve the Trading Execution Platform and Compliance has to be in place. Moreover MT4 license for brokers cost a bomb at current scenario which the brokers are not willing to take the risk.

  7. vijay says

    hello sir i need a help in finding out best way to trade for intraday i dont expect huge profit but i need that statistics to do turnover

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