Amibroker Technical Analysis Workshop – Chennai

Marketcalls held a successful Amibroker Workshop during May 2013 in Bangalore. We are proud to host one more in-depth two day workshop in Chennai on Technical Analysis using Amibroker Software. It is not the usual seminar to market one’s own product and strategies. It is all about taking that extra step to discover, know and share the trading ideas, challenges and Trading Discipline. Join Us at Park View,Chennai on Dec 21st and 22nd,2013 to qualitatively spend the your days in enhancing your trading skills and exploring the full potential of Amibroker Trading Strategies. Gear up for the thought provoking interactions, basic and advanced trading excercises and powerful Q&A sessions. Of course yes, a delicious lunch is awaiting!


Venue : Park View,Venue 125, Valluvarkottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Date : 21st and 22 Dec, 2013

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Mr.Ravi , Mobile: +91-750-204-2555, email:

Agenda for the Program:

Day 1 :

08.00 a.m – 09.00a.m – Registration
09.00 a.m – 10.30a.m – Introduction to Amibroker and Trading Systems
10:30a.m -10:45a.m- Tea Break
10:45a.m-01.00p.m – Trend Trading Strategies
01.00p.m – 01:45p.m – Lunch
01:45p.m – 03:45p.m – How to do Backtesting in Amibroker and Understanding Trading System Performance Metrix
03:45p.m – 04.00p.m – Tea Break
04:00p.m – 04:30p.m – How to fine tune your trading strategies using Optimization and Walk Forward Testing concepts.
04:30p.m – 05:00p.m – Q&A Session

Day 2 :

09.00 a.m – 10.30a.m – Trade Effectively with Amibroker -Strategies
10:30a.m -10:45a.m- Tea Break
10:45a.m-01.00p.m – Portfolio Timing Models using Amibroker
01.00p.m – 01:45p.m – Lunch
01:45p.m – 03:45p.m – Trading the Equity Curve
03:45p.m – 04.00p.m – Tea Break
04:00p.m – 04:30p.m – Money Management Concepts using Amibroker
04:30p.m – 05:00p.m – Q&A Session

Who Should Attend this Workshop

Traders, Analysts, Brokers, College Students , Anyone interested in Investing, DayTrading, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Trading Softwares, Trading System Development.
What is required for this workshop ?

– Basic understanding of the stock markets, futures and options
– A Laptop
What is provided for the workshop ?

– Internet access
– Free downloads of open source software
– Trial version of Amibroker software
– Access to Strategies developed by Marketcalls
Globaldatafeeds trial access to their amazing data feed service for 5 days
– Most importantly by the end of the program, you have a much better understanding of the markets, have the winning edge to succeed in your trades.

What are the advantages of attending the workshop?

– Understanding about the concepts and how to play with trading system
– Understanding the risk involved in following a trading system
– Access to Premium indicators from marektcalls.
– Professional Amibroker Training
– Get the Winning-Edge over Strategy based Trading

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  1. Saravana says

    so much wanted to attend your session on Amibroker. Unfortunately I am not in Chennai till end of Dec :( Missing this for the second time

  2. Prateek Gupta says

    Dear Ranjan,
    Volume Digfer is not working since Last 15 days for Downloading MCX EOD data. Error is “can not validate data”. Its able to download NSE EOD data. But I Need MCX EOD Data and Volume Digger is the only Good Source which downloads Current Contract EOD Data. Can you pls Reply What can be done.

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