150 rupee coin in India soon

For the first time in the country’s minting history, government will issue coins of Rs. 150, marking the number of years of taxation in India.

The special coins, to be released by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee before his Budget speech, will also be brought out in Rs. 5 denomination on the occasion of completion of 150 years, from 1860 to 2010, of the Income Tax department.

This is the first time that coins of Rs. 150 denomination are being minted by the government. The Department of Economic Affairs under the Finance Ministry recently notified the order.

The Rs. 150 coin, made of an alloy of Silver, Copper, Nickel and Zinc, will have an international design with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ and ‘India’ on the front side while a portrait of ‘Chanakya and lotus with honeybee’ on the reverse side.

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  1. akhtar says

    Today morning I saw this 150 Rupees Coin with my friend, asked him from where you purchased he answered me from Kolkota, I don’t how to purchase this coin in Hyderabad, anyone can let me know.

  2. sandip patel says

    dear sir
    i m sandip from surat.(gujrat)
    i want to buy a 150rs coin.
    but i dont understand that from where can i buy it.
    can you plz tell me how and what is the legal procedure to buy a silver 150rs .coin. and how much its costs???or you can call me on 9879571092
    thank you

  3. madhup says

    i heard that in one side of the coin there is ashoka stamba..is it fair to put it there…knowing that it lies in Nepal

  4. chandan says

    i think its a good idead bt its stupid at the same time an1 cn drop the coin or by mistake give it as 2rs o 5rs

  5. neeraj agrawal says

    dear sir
    i m neeraj agrawal from baradwar cattis gharh (c.g.)in india
    i want to buy a 150 rs. coin.
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  6. vishal biswas says


  7. S.MANOJ KUMAR says

    i like the coin i saw 50/ rs coin 100/ rs coin and 150/ rs coin in one of the friend office i said you give me the rate for all these 3 coins

  8. B.SRINIVAS says

    Dear sir,I want Rs 20,50,100,150 coins.Please give me the information how I have to get these coins.

  9. Esakki muthu says

    Respected sir,
    I want 150 ruppee coin and 100 ruppee coin. How can i purchase . please send the details to my mail address .. or cal me @ 9365854848

  10. shivaraj says

    sir, plz tel me about, how to get 10,20,50,100,150rs coin, is there any legal procedure? plz my mobile no: 08951421565


    Dear Sir,I want ot purchase the RS 20,50,100,150 coin . Kindly advice me the procedure to purchase these coin lawfully . I am waiting your reply.

    With regards

    Subhrajit Sahu
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  12. Gajendra Patel says

    Dear Sir,

    Nice coin of Rs.150.
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  13. pra says

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  14. diliptej says

    This is not at all correct to design the Rs 150/- coin, because while in future our budget will become higher than now. in this current situation am not seen the coins of Ps50/- instant of ps50/- we are using Rs1/- coin. if we will use again Rs150/- coin we will can’t see the coins of Rs1/- , Rs 2/- , Rs5/-, Rs10/-. so please dont release the coin of Rs150/-.

  15. vijen bhatt says

    Dear Mr.Rajandran, thanks for sharing the fact.
    I have a question, will this money be issued like normal currency or there will be some provisions for R.150 coin.
    As, issuing a paper currency could have been cheaper then issuing in metallic form.

  16. Shahaz shah says

    Hi., myself SHAHBAZ, and m 4m Karnataka. I am glad to see this Coin, So what i must do to purchase this coin ?

  17. gulab thakur says

    hi i want buy coin o rs 150 and rs 75 please guide and send prosidure for buying from govt treasery or other place thank you

  18. Satyam says

    Rs.1000/- coin booking date is over. Now, I want to purchase. How can i get 1000 coin. I am very much interested. The booking date is not known. Pl guide me.

  19. Koushik Kundu says

    Respected Sir ,
    I want to purchase the coin . what is the process to buy ?
    please reply !
    thanks !

  20. mahendra patel says

    If i want to purchase 150 rupees coin, what is the process to buy it or to whom to contact i need to do? please give me advice asap.

  21. sujith shetty says

    The best idea to introduce our indian currency in the form of coins..the main advantage is it will avoid fake note scams which is disturbing our indian economy..but manufacturer of that coins should do a good design and should use such metal which is affordable to government and cannot be easily copied by thieves who is making fake currency of our india..

  22. Bhagwati lal badariya says

    If i want to purchase 150 rupees coin, what is the process to buy it or to whom to contact i need to do? please give me advice asap.

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