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Hi Bloggers,
To get Nifty EOD Charts with automatic update USE CTRL+C to copy the script from the textbox found below the image and paste it in your Blogs for Automatic EOD Update for Charts with Shorterm Indicators

Nifty Daily Charts

Copy this HTML Script and paste it in your blog to get the above Auto EOD charts of Nifty

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  1. Anonymous says

    Respected Sir, I sincerely appreciate the excellent work u hv done reg NIFTY.I wud like to request u to please also explain in details abt the several indicators in the chart and wt they signify.Also the best u can do sirji is to really start on line T.A .trainig so that many will benefit from your immense knowledge.Pleas consider this request of mine.Thanku in advance

  2. Anonymous says

    Hello raj,doing good work,need a favour,can u check under "Ema chart" section and make HUL chart aviable as it is not showing under this section in 70/1030 min strategy and can u add "DLF" in that section also along with left(if any)nifty stocks.Thanks in advanceabhishek

  3. Rajib says

    sorry I too need help like Kumar, please help me understand what I am doing wrong.I created a new blog and copy-pasted what is available in the box when I publish that, I get two linksNifty EOD ChartsGet Nifty EOD Chartsclicking on them returns me to this page (that's Raj's blog's this page).Plz Help!!!

  4. Asis Ghosh says

    Is it possible to create an auto update in an excel file (like a pivot file)for your daily EOD technicals (in your Right Hand Upper Corner of the home page)—Also: Is it possible to create a TRADING TRIANGLE AFL in Amibroker ?--Some hints are:Based on a pre-defined weighted trend formula for chart analysis, DJI scored +100 on a scale from -100 (strong downtrend) to +100 (strong uptrend): +10 Last Hour Close Above 5 Hour Moving Average +15 New 3 Day High on Thursday +20 Last Price Above 20 Day Moving Average +25 New 3 Week High, Week Ending December 26th +30 New 3 Month High in December+100 Total Scorehere is some thinking which can help to start moving the ball from stationary zone.These are just code lines. Not an afl. 1 Last hour close above 5 hour moving averageCode lines may be condition is Hourly close > MA(C,5) 2 New 3 day high on monday think of monday later H3 =igh > Ref(HHV(High,3),-1); 3.Last price Above 20day moving average C >MA(C,20)4 New 3 week high week ending 21november (think of monday later ) H3w =igh > Ref(HHV(High,15),-1) 5 NEW 3 MONTH HIGHH3m =igh > Ref(HHV(High,66),-1); Why 66? (22 trading days a month,take round figure)————————————————————————————--This is just a of the thing will soon be completed and my mistake if any also will be fixed. Note:From coding library, new 52 week high is defined as H1 =igh > Ref(HHV(High,260),-1);

  5. Rajandran Rajarathinam says

    @AsisYeah its possible to bring it into excel sheet with autoupdate.Will try out the second possibility and let you know if iam able come upwith the solution

  6. Asis Ghosh says

    Can you provide the required excel formula for this TRADING TRIANGLE (I think its not simple & will require some sort of looping)--I have an excel file for auto pivots & all the other pivots mechanical trading sup/res levels--

  7. sunil says

    Please note that i tried to get the chart shown above , by pasting it on my blog…but i got only the script as it is.
    Can u please assist?

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