Now Globaldatafeeds enables Realtime NSE Currency derivative feeds

Today Globaldatafeeds announced that from 8th January 2014 – GFDL adds NSE Currency realtimedatafeed in its portfolio. And Now active PAID clients can access currency derivaties free users till 15th January 2014. GFDL Billing team confirmed that currency derivatives (Both Currency Futures and Options is enabled for both NSE and MCX futures client accounts.

Pricing Details for NSE Currency derivatives datafeed

GFDL Currency Payment

How to add Currency Symbols in Amibroker
1)Open You Amibroker -> Goto Symbols and Click on ADD Symbols and enter the below mentioned symbols and press OK
Symbol format for Futures CDS is USDINR-I.CD, USDINR-II.CD, USDINR-III.CD.

Where USDINR-I.CD represents current month Future contracts
Where USDINR-II.CD represents next month Future contracts
Where USDINR-III.CD represents far month Future contracts

Similarly you can create symbols for EURINR,JPYINR and GBPINR contracts

For Options, symbol format is Symbol name>Year>Month>Strike Price>CE/PE>.CD> e.g. USDINR14JAN6300CE.CD, USDINR14JAN6200PE.CD

If you are planning to test a demo account for currency derivatives then fill the below form. If you already tested GFDL demo then please dont apply for the second time.

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