Things to Consider Before Creating your Own Trading Strategy


Backtesting and Optimization to be pretty much essential step in trading strategy development. If the strategy is not performing well in the backtest results we can skip the system and move on to the next one. But if the backtest results are good then one should be extra cautious as most of the times backtesting your own Trading Strategy might give interesting results. However when comes to practical trading the scenario might be completely different and most of the times it results in a poor performance or lower than the expected backtest results.

Trading Economic Indicators : CPI Inflation


Trading Inflation CPI number is very big fundamental economics indicator for trading NSE.But according to our complete analysis it shows. Trading on CPI number depends upon various factors i.e expectation of market CPI Number & Its future projection for Year by Top Investing companies & Stable Govt. & their policies.

What High Frequency Traders Do – BAD or GOOD for Markets?

Over the past few Year’s, there has been a quick shift towards algo / Quant HFT (High Frequency Trading) based trading, Where as Asset managers make 24% return in market & HFT traders make 300% Return. Both among long-term investors using execution algorithms to lower trading costs and short- term investors automating market making and statistical arbitrage strategies

China Commodities Market Unleashed.

Shanghai shfe

Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). At present, futures contracts’ underlying commodities, i.e., gold, silver, copper, aluminum, lead, steel rebar, steel wire rod, natural rubber, fuel oil and zinc, are listed for trading.

How to Purchase Historical or Live Market Data by Lokesh Madan.


Historical market data is needed in both analytics and risk management for strategy back-testing, instrument pricing, and Monte- Carlo simulations. For example, a quant may require interest rates for the past ten years in order to simulate how they may behave and affect the fixed income portfolio of the trading desk in the future.

Start Trading on SGX Nifty from India – Complete Details.

SGX Nifty

The Singapore Exchange, which is started trading in Nifty options in December 2011, may very well see a significant portion of volumes moving overseas.Lower transaction costs due to lower taxation will likely result in Singapore emerging as the destination of choice for trading in Nifty options, suggest some experts