How to Transfer your funds from ICICI ATM to any Account Number

With ICICI ATM you can now transfer your funds to any dear ones with ease. Check out the video which explains how to transfer funds from ICICI ATM to Any Account number.

If you transfer to any other ICICI account it will transfer instantly
You can also transfer to your funds to ICICI Registered Payee whom you added via your online ICICI Banking account

visit here to transfer funds from your SBI Bank ATM

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  1. kalyan says

    i dont about atm fund transfer but net banking in icici bank is very complecated . u dont know when will they deduct any service charges.any way sud avoid icici bank. how ever their credit card some what ok. as psu bank u may try bank of maharastra. my view

  2. Anindita says

    I want to know if they charge some amount for doing this transfer to other Bank accounts like SBI. ICICI is known for having hidden costs in everything.

    • Dhiraj Tembhurne says

      What is the process of fund transfer through icici bank atm,??? I want to know everythink about fund transfer so,plz send me detail..

  3. Hardeep singh says

    i wnt to fund transfers from icici bank paydirect card to hdfc bank.
    I lost my account no, check book and atm card. My this no98762XXXXX is update so I want to fund transfer other bank.plz give me solution and help

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