How to Send a Tweet Alert From Amibroker

Almost every Amibroker users know that it supports custom rule based alerts like Email Alert, Sound Alert, Even a push notification alert from Amibroker is possible. But how to send an alert to your twitter fans to alert your twitter followers about Buy/Sell Signal happenings in you trading system or Important Events like high volume alert notifications.

Tweet Alert

Tweetymail is a complete email interface to Twitter. Tweetymail allows you to use most of Twitter’s features by sending a quick email. You can tweet, view your timeline, send and reply to direct messages, follow users, and more. It’s just like a desktop or mobile app for Twitter – except that it works anywhere you have access to your email!

Amibroker Tweet Alert Settings

Amibroker tweet settings are quite similar to Amibroker Email Alert Settings

1. Register and Authorize your twitter handle with tweetymail.
2. Download and run SSL add-on for Amibroker
3. Configure (Tools->Preferences->Alerts) with SSL enabled as shown below.

Amibroker Tweet Settings

4. Make sure the Recipient Email is as shown above
5. Make sure the AlertIf function is added below your Buy,Sell,short,cover logic.

AlertIf( Buy, “EMAIL”, “Buy Alert in “+FullName()+ ” @”+BuyPrice,1 );
AlertIf( Short, “EMAIL”, “Short Alert in “+FullName()+ ” @”+ShortPrice,3 );

6. Use the Test function to check the test tweet from Amibroker.
7. Once the Test is successful you can start sending alerts from the trading system charts or from scan alerts.

You can also send notification alerts to your smartphone using tradesender

You can apply the methodology to any Trading Analysis platform which support Email Alert functionality. However if your trading analysis platform doesn’t supports SSL Encryption functionality then you may try opening an email account with Checkout tweet alert settings from one of the hardcore Multichart user using gmx mail to send Tweet alerts using Tweetymail from his multicharts terminal.

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  1. Rahul says

    Hello Rajan,

    I am using the alertif function to generate email messages from amibroker to my gmail account and it is working fine, but only for the script that I have focus on once I view other scripts then no signal is generated. Can you help me on how can I send messages from multiple scirpt to gmail.


  2. sharan says

    I am not able to send Email alerts can you plz.. tell me what need to be done.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards

  3. surendra sharma says

    I have read this artical today… I have configure Tweet alert & email Alert. I want to know How can I receive or customize alert massage email example :

    Buy nifty at 8400 dt 13.12.2014 time 3.15pm target 8450 Stop loss 8350

    if possible pls sent syntex to customize email

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