Non Repainting – Trend Magic – Amibroker AFL code

Nifty Futures Hourly Charts

Trend Magic is a positional trading system where the trade decision based on Commodity Channel Index supported by ATR Trailing stop loss. It will create more whipsaws in lower timeframes so its more than a positional trading system than a intraday trading system.

Download Trend Magic – Amibroker AFL code

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    • says

      @Tony Joseph

      Buddy it is non repainting only. Signal will form once the new bar forms. So it will create such kind of confusion on the daily charts. Its better to stick with hourly/2 hourly/ 4 hourly charts where you data is realtime. The code is designed for realtime trading. When it comes to EOD charts once the new bar opens it automatically access the previous bar and place the signal on the previous bar and not on the current bar.

      Hope you understand!

  1. Albert says

    Hello Rajendra ,

    I am please to visit your website,i want an help,I need to a good buy and sell indicator software which can give me on live data,please guide me.


  2. yuvraj says

    Dear Amibroker users and Mudraa family members,

    Can anyone here suggest how to setup alarm or any way for setting up alarms for buy/ sell signal in any stock. I mean to say, whenever any buy/ sell signal occurs in any stock, buy/ sell alarm must appear on display irrespective of any stock chart i am onto. Your suggestions are of great help for all users here. Thx


  3. remesh says

    Hi Rajendranji,

    even after downloading from the site it is not getting worked on my ami software. please help. it is a 2 kb file which getting downloaded every time.

  4. Chandrakant says

    Dear Mr. Rajendra,

    I want to write AFL but not know how to do it.
    My condition is as follows:
    if EMA C 5 cross EMA Open 6 from bottom then Buy and all price is inorder like this

    Closing price
    EMA C 5
    EMA O 6
    EMA C 20
    EMA C 50
    EMA C 100

    Please help

  5. Raj says

    Dear Rajendran and well wishers, Thanks for all the good work. There are so many AFLs available, even on your blog you have “trend magic” and “super trend” indicator. which one would be better ?

    Stockmaniacs dot net website offers “super scalper” and “trend blaster” which mentions 80-90% accuracy and 300% returns, etc.

    Do you know of any link or has anyone compared the AFLs for the last 6 months to compare the results between the systems ? Maybe of someone good at AFL volunteers, we might have some concrete results etc.

    Just my curiosity. Thanks in advance.


  6. deepak says

    Hi, The super trend EOD chart is not updated on EOD basis as mentioned.
    Can you please check… usually happen once in 3 or 4 days.
    A question: the trend magic indicator is the same as super trend or is it a different one?


    • says


      Trend Magic is CCI based indicator and Supertrend is ATR based indicator. And for EOD charts iam coming with alternate update as iam facing some issues with datafeed.

  7. Mahesh P A says

    Dear Rajendran,

    I happened to come across your Supertrend indicator and find it very useful.
    Can you please add the alf to realtime scan and real time alert also for the same…

    Thanks and wish you great going,

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