NestRTD – Nest/Now to Amibroker Feeder – Open Source (GPL)

[Extract from Traderji Forum]
Amibroker Feeder is a C++ RTD client for Nest/NOW which Feeds realtime data to Amibroker. This utility also included a basic backfill tool to import VWAP statistics / Nest Plus Data table( josh1 has release automated backfill tool recently. You may want to use that instead ) The tools are based on RTNOW utility by josh1

Video Tutorial On How to Extract Data from Nest Trading Terminal to Amibroker using Nest RTD

Advantages over using RTNOW
– No need to use excel. Uses less resources.
– More accurate data as we pick up every callback from RTD. If you keep chart open in Nest Terminal and compare, the bars should generally match. Lower Timeframe data is more accurate.


– Only for NEST / NOW
– No GUI. Create one if you can and share under GPLv3. Only need to setup some files and run exe anyway

Installation Instructions

1)Setup Amibroker DB (intraday settings) and Nest as explained in josh1 RTNOW instructions
2)Copy rtd.format, backfill.format to AmiBroker\Formats folder
3)Read and Setup settings.ini in NestRTD / ABBackFill. For ‘Now’ make sure to change RTDServerProgID value to Now.ScripRTD along with scrip ids / field ids
4)Once setup is done, run the exe ( For Backfill, Fill the data in VWAP.txt/DataTable.txt first )
5)Example settings for many stocks by Einstein – settings.ini
6)If you get c++ runtime missing error, install it

1)Tools are released under GPL 3.
2)This is free for life. This is not a money making idea .There is no one time fee, there is no regular fee. There are no server checks.
3)You are free to modify code and to redistribute. If you distribute it, you will have to release it under GPL3 giving same rights to others as i give to you.

No support is provided. The tools have been tested on Nest and Now with help from josh1. I dont have time to hand hold anyone.
Please take effort to read instructions. Please help others if possible. Wiki in github can be edited publicly.
Ill check thread once in a while but not regularly.

Source Code Basic Info and links
If you want to understand/modify code – some info and some links to resources are here – Code info

NestRTD Github Page
Download Latest Release of NestRTD

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  1. onlyadmin says

    Get a error in log when run NestRTD.exe
    Error is “Could not create folder -- Error-3″
    Please explain briefly Setting.ini setting for NOW or give example.
    There is no example for NOW ……..

    • says


      Iam not the coder for feedback and troubleshooting please contact the traderji thread specified in the article they could give you more info about the software.

  2. Archana says


    If this works as what you say, then would really look forward to some kind of help here to get data free for Amibroker as I am not too much of a technical person to full understand the process of getting this set-up done. I guess screen shots would also help me too.

    Thanks for all your guidance and inputs as always.

  3. satyen joshi says

    sir plase can u give me a vedio turtal about NestRTD – Nest/Now to Amibroker Feeder – Open Source (GPL) to how setup thank you

  4. deepankumar says

    hi sir i ahave already amibroker but in that amibroker it will not shown before the buy/sell signal so it may be many loss occurs for me please help me

  5. vsl says


    Error reflect in text file as “” could not create folder R;\RT………. Error -3″”

    Please adivice or post video as earlier you had posted for this thread. It would genuinely helpful for all of us.


  6. vsl says

    Sir, repeatedly tried whole days watching your video again and again. Please guide what I am doing wrong while clicking on NestRTD.exe it’s reflecting error log as ” At least one scrip needed”..

  7. onlyadmin says

    Thank you Rajandran ………… Utility works with real time data and backfill on NOW Terminal……
    Thank you for Video Tutorial . it hepls a lot……
    if any any query about this utility with NOW terminal please tell me…

  8. says

    Hallo Mr. Rajen …

    Can you advise me where can i found data feed plug in developer.
    For some purpose i need to build up my own data to feed in Amibroker. , its a EOD data only.

    for while i am using amibroker import wizard and i do daily. due i share the data with others too and everyday i have to send them regularly by email . thatsway i am thinking to use datafeed plug in .

    Do you can develop for me a data feed plug in ?

    your kind attention and cooperation is highly appreciated.


  9. paresh patel says

    Hello Sir,

    I have Trade Tiger from Share Khan and I am looking for

    Video Tutorial On How to Extract Data from Trade Tiger Trading Terminal to Amibroker using TT RTD

    if you can help in above will be verymuch thankful.

    Paresh Patel

  10. Subhakalyan Das says

    Dear Mr. Rajandran
    I have seen the video tutorial on your website “How to Extract Data from Nest Trading Terminal to Amibroker using Nest RTD”. I think it will be very much useful for me as a beginner. But the URL of this site is removed by the provider from where you have downloaded the application. I shall remain very much thankful to you if you can provide me the application through my e-mail address.

    Thank you.

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