Neotrade Analytics 7 Days Amibroker Free Trial for NSE futures

Neotrade Analytics a bangalore startup and a legal Data Distributor for NSE future & NSE currencies by providing affordable realtime datafeed and Neotrade Analytics started provides 7 day free trial for Amibroker users.

1)Reliable and Valued true tick by tick data with a less than 1 sec delay.
2)EOD data provided for last 1 month and for all the symbols.
3)Un-interrupted Data feeds – all through the market timings. (Automatic backfill provisions are included, so there will not be any discontinuity in the data feed)
4)Data directly injected to AmiBroker– the Best Financial Software Trade tool in India for Analysis and Charting
5)Highly Accurate Data Feed. With backfill and fetched data, the graphs plotted in Amibroker doesn’t change even when you re-login.
6)Intraday data of FNO segment of every day in 1-minute format will be sent to the user after the market hours via email. Hence, you are not losing any data. All the data of a day will be with you in 1-minute format.

Procedure to get 7 days free trial for Amibroker.

and Install it.

1)Download Recent Amibroker 5.7 version here

2)Download Neotrade Analytics data plugin for Amibroker
3)Run Neotrade Setup EXE, Choose the folder where AmiBroker is installed in your machine and click install as shown below.

Neo Trade Analytics

4)Register for Neotrade Analytics and get a user name and pwd.

5) Now Open Amibroker and create a new database by choosing File->Create New Database

6)Provide a folder name as shown below and press ok

Neo Trade Database Setup

i)Choose Neotrade Data Plugin from Data source combo
ii)Enable ” from Local data storage
iii)Enter appropriate number of bars to load: 100000 for 1- minute database
iv)Select Base time interval as 1 Minute. Click OK.

7)Now it will prompt for the login id and password. Enter your registration login id and password. And you will be able to see the green LED “OK” at the lower bottom of your Amibroker. It means you are now connected to the Neotrade Analytics server.

Neo Trade Login

All Futures Symbols are back-adjusted futures i.e. all Futures symbol denote 1M, 2M and 3M to denote Current Month Series, Near Month Series and Far Month Series respectively. For Example: NIFTY-1M, NIFTY-2M, NIFTY-3M, RELIANCE-2M , etc.

8)To add the symbols goto the menu Symbols->New and enter the symbols comma seperated. For Example to enter nifty and bank nifty current month contract enter NIFTY-1M,BANKNIFTY-1M in capital letters and Press OK

9)Bingo Now you will be able to see the charts of Nifty and Bank nifty with 1 month backfill. Similarly you can add other stock futures symbols by repeating the procedure 8.

Nifty 1 min charts

Update from Neotrade Analytics for Windows XP users

Hello Neotrade User,

Greetings from Neotrade Analytics Team!!

We are pleased to announce on new updated Neofeed plugin. Please visit download section.

1.Every user (Windows Vista/7/8 and Windows-XP) has to update to these new plugins.
2.Before installing the update, please uninstall the earlier version of our plugin ( ControlPanel->Add/Remove Programs->Neotrade->uninstall )

Windows XP Users :
Please click on the “Download XP Setup” button to dowload the setup for Windows-XP platform.

Windows Vista/7/8 Users:
Please click on the “Download VISTA/7/8 Setup” button to dowload the setup for Windows-Vista/7/8 platform.

Also send us an email at with your userid to avail extra free trial session
NOTE: This extra session will be available only for the XP users who failed to get the data earlier

We also apologies for the inconvenience caused for the Windows-XP users.

Reach us out through Chat support during our supporting hours if you face any issues.
We are planning to come up with different updates/products soon. Please keep visiting our website for more updates time to time

PS: The earlier version of our plugin will work no more. So please update your system with the newer version of our plugin.

Thanks and Regards,
Neotrade Analytics Team

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  1. Pushparaj says

    Hi Rajandran,

    Thanks for informing about new data provider. My doubt is, how they are differentiating their product with others ? Will they provider tick by tick data , OI data , how about their data consistency. If you know about this please lets us know.

    S. Pushparaj

    • says

      Neotrade Analytics doesnt have Open Interest data like GDFL provides. They are differentiating their product only with lower cost as of now no value added services in their website.

      • Raja says

        They have started providing OI data now. My personal opinon: Better service compared to GFDL. Really happy with their support.

  2. sayantan chakraborty says


    can we convert their data to ASCII and import them by ASCII format in MD 11. or NT 7 ?


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