Didi Index Long only Trading System

Didi Index Nifty Spot

Didi Index is a positional long only trading system constructed based on three exponential moving averages inspired from mql4 code Didi Index Indicator. Indicator developed by Brazilian and analyst Odir Aguiar (Didi), consists of “Moving Averages”, known for the famous needles Didi, which allows the visualization of reversal points.

_SECTION_BEGIN(“Didi Index Indicator”);

small = 2;
medium = 5;
large =7;

sEMA = EMA(C,small);
mEMA = EMA(C,medium);
lEMA = EMA(C,large);




The AFL consist of two parts one is the Trading System which contains the Buy and Sell Signals plotted over the candles and the second one is the Didi Indicator. Download Didi Index Trading System amibroker AFL code.

One can try this trading system for Positional Trading Especially in Daily and Hourly Charts.Below insights shows the performance of trading system over hourly charts (Nifty Spot Since March 2009 till March 2014)

Portfolio Equity
Portfolio Equity


Profit Table
Profit Table

Backtesting Results of Didi Index Trading System- Hourly

Backtesting Results of Didi Index Trading System- Daily

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  1. MS THAKUR says

    Dear Sir,
    Is it possible to make Didi Index Long only Trading AFL to Short (sell) also for Algo purpose. Please provide the code.

    MS Thakur

  2. MS THAKUR says

    This does not work with SELL signal with Auto Trading Plugin. Please make (Code) it working for SELL side for Auto Trading Plugin.

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