Datafeeder – Free Realtime Datafeed for Amibroker

Datafeeder is a realtime third party datafeed software for amibroker which fetches the data from Yahoo Finance and feed it to the Amibroker. And Backfill data is possible for 1min data and 5 min data. It is a light weight software( just 1.25 MB) and supports a minimum refreshing interval of 5-secs.

Configuration of Realtime data in Amibroker using datafeeder

1. Download datafeeder
2. Install the Datafeed Software
3. Open Amibroker – > Goto File -> New -> Database and create new database
4. Check the below image for intraday amibroker database settings

5. Now goto Datafeeder and Select the list of stocks you want from the list
6. If you want any new stocks from the nse list check with yahoo symbols list
7. Finally Click on the Red Button Amibroker is not connected click here to connect you can see the notification
Stocklive is connected to Amibroker you can proceed with amibroker related stocks
8. Click on the 1 min backfill data before starting the realtime data to amibroker
9. Finally Click on the start button to start the realtime datafeed for the selected symbols from the list

Features of Datafeeder

(1) Real Time Data feeding to world’s best Stock Charting software-AmiBroker
(2) Very User Friendly . Even people who are not much familiar with Computer can
use it without going through any manual .
(3) Almost No Configuration required for connecting it to AmiBroker
(4) Based on .NET technology
(5) Performance wise Highly efficient as this software is highly multithreaded .
(6) Backfill with 1-min, 5-min & EOD data in very short span of time
(7) Download data in text format for last 1 day,5 days & EOD data for last 6-7 years
(8) Real Time data feeding at very fast rate ( 5-10 sec chart refresh rate )
(9) Support for 180 Stocks at a time
(10) Works for both Trial & Licensed version of AmiBroker

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 or more latest is required to be present in the system for Data Feeder to run.
Download link

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  1. Anil says

    Hello sir

    I am facing a problem. I am getting the market data properly only for nifty index. For rest of the scripts i am getting delayed feeds.(market price and charts price are different). I have even logged in yahoo finance.

    can you please help me out



  2. satish says

    I am facing a problem in amibroker. not creat detabase setings. i go this path
    C:Program Files(x86)AmiBrokerDatafeed. and when i click on creat i saw
    in dilog box notcreat C:Program Files(x86)AmiBrokerDatafeed directory

  3. selva says

    Very nice Mr.Rajendren.
    U did an splendid work to small traders.
    thank u and
    God Bless u.
    any realtime data for MCX?
    if yes please send to my mail id.
    thanks once again.

  4. Ashutosh Joshi says

    I have installed DF and amibroker. Its working. But i want to know as to how to get Buy( Green) sell( Red ) signals on the intraday graph?Pl tell me which configuration etc needs to be inserted in the AFL code or can be monitored through inbuilt buttens in the parameters shall pl be cleared.
    The email addres is given above.Awaiting reply.

  5. Pankaj Sinha says

    Congrats on your wonderfull site.Stumbled onto this couple of days back.have got hooked onto this.Using datafeeder for amibroker,downloaded from your site.quick question:how to add nifty future in datefeeder???

  6. Chowdhury says

    Does DataFeeder works only for the Indian Stcok Exchange? I have downloaded and installed DataFeeder and it seems that it only supports Indian Stock Exchange. Could you please let me know of a datafeeder that works for Singapore Stock Exchanges (SGX)?

    Thank you!

  7. Padala Chelam says

    Hello Rajendran
    Good work.
    My Amibroker works on Windows 7. After completing installation process I could not visiualize chart.
    Only black colour screen is showing up. However some indicators are showing up for some symbols.
    I have logged into Yahoo Finance. But i am using Firefox .
    It would be very helpful If this feature works.
    Please suggest way out, if you find time
    Thanks in advance
    Padala Chelam

  8. Nasir ahmed says

    I m not able to run the Data feeder 2.9.0 in my system.The same is running in WIndows 7.
    I have disabled the Symantec .

    Can u pl help.


  9. Garry says


    is there anyway you can modify the datafeeder code to provide eod data and possibly Real Time data from Yahoo or Google Finance for the UK market and US market.

    i would be happy to pay via paypal, i just cant find any other program that will stream into Amibroker the way i want it to.

    would appreciate reply.

    thank you.

  10. Prakash Modak says

    Hi Rajandran R.

    Can any one tell me how to add new scripts like Coal India. rest DF 2.9.0 is working fine.
    few scripts are not working like Renuka, TataPower,Hindalco…
    Can any one tell me how to add new one or how to work on old scripts?
    The email address is given above.Awaiting reply.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Prakash Modak
    Pune .

  11. Rupesh Modi says

    Dear sir from last few days i am getting delayed data feed form this Stock Live Data Feeder..
    sir i have checked it on different computer also, but facing the same problem..
    any solution for the same..? or please suggest me some other Free Nse cash live data feeder..
    thanks in advance…

  12. r.sadagopan says


    i have downloaded the datafeeder software from your site

    i am using the AMI Broker

    i am not getting the chart with this I am facing a problem in amibroker. not creat detabase setings. C:Program Files(x86)AmiBrokerDatafeed. and when i click on creat i saw
    in dilog box notcreat C:Program Files(x86)AmiBrokerDatafeed directory not avilable

    will you please set reight when you are free by doing it online for me sir


    r.sadagopan chennai

  13. Rajkumar says

    hi past 2 week im working in amibroker with datafeeder 2.90 but now 2 days ago the data not comming automatically, its not running, not automatically download
    wt the problem? they stopped live nifty data or any problem in my setting? plz give u suggestion, it will help me out

    im eagerly wanted this live data plz mail me or reply

  14. Amar shinde says

    Dear Sir,
    We are Down load FD , but live data can not download automative , pls help me

  15. p g dave says


    the datafeeder 2.9.0 does not work correctly any more !
    i use it to download 1 min intraday data as text files for a selected list of stocks, every evening.

    today, it downloaded just 2 stocks i/day data and stopped working.
    i tried it several times. each time it just downloaded data for only 2 stocks.

    please look into this and resolve.


  16. Mani says

    Data Feeder is not functioning as we click on 1 or 5 min back fill Data Feeder GUI disappears from the screen instantly

  17. chandulal says

    Rajandaran Sir, All yahoo intraday downloader programs stopped working. May intraday data structure changed from yahoo finance. Please help.


    Sir, whether your software run in SDD type harddisk?, or only need HDD type harddisk ?
    Sir, your live data can be run on tablets (EXCEPT WINDOWS TAB), mobiles, or in andorids, because this platfroms does not support .NET FRAME WORK PROGAM
    Sir, tablets has SDD type hard disk, which does support your software ?
    Sir, you will be notified in the website
    we very much keen to buy windows tab to watch market on the move for which we are searching windows tab in future if any please send mail to me sir

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